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Thanks and Congratulations to our Customers!

Let us first congratulate and thank you for everything you have done to date, as a result of, being thrust into the this thing called the “Covid-19 Pandemic”. Some people were able to continue working, either at their regular workplace, or at home. Others were either sent home with pay, or layed off without. And everyone found a way to survive and help others along the way. There are so many heroes that have stepped up to the plate, and taken charge. From taking care of themselves and their loved ones, to looking after others that needed their help, everyone has stepped up. The point is that our country has proven it’s strength, and it’s caring. For that and so much more we here at Skateland West say, “Thank You! … Thank You!”.

It is the people that live in this great country, and more specifically here in San Antonio, that have brought us back to where we are now. Back to where, with proper precautions in place, we are able to re-open our doors to you. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but we are making strides in the right direction.

Thank You to All!

Information about our Re-Opening

After our re-opening that occurred on May 29th, we are now ready to expand our hours to accommodate the coming of Summer. With that in mind, please click on the link that follows to see our Skating Schedule and Pricing: Skating Schedule.

For information on the precautions that we will continue to follow, please click HERE for our information on “What YOU need to do, and What WE are going to do!”, as well as, new guidelines for wearing face masks as outlined by Executive Order NW-10!

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Skateland West - Spring Break 2021